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IRWD - EV mobile app

Established in 1961 as a California Water District under the provisions of the state of California Water Code, the Irvine Ranch Water District is an independent special district serving Central Orange County, California. IRWD provides high-quality drinking water, reliable wastewater collection and treatment, ground-breaking recycled water programs, and environmentally sound urban runoff treatment to more than 380,000 residents.


Problem Statement (Point of View):

There are 10 people (and probably will be more) who are using EV. There are 8 EV stations.



Create a Mobile App that can help EV owners find and coordinate parking in EV parking spots at IRWD since there are more EV cars than EV charging spots.


  • IRWD Appreciation App for letting us and other groups use their meeting space.
  • Environmental Component: Go Green, promote EV Changing.
  • UX, Dev, Tech and Startup Community Collaboration.



Rhett Kuseski, Senior UX Designer, IRWD
Tatiana Avaeva, UX/UI Designer


My input

UX Deliverables Research: Project Planning, User Interview, User Survey, Contextual Research, User Scenarios/Flows, User Journey,
UX Deliverables Prototyping: Low Fidelity Wireframes, Hi Fidelty Wireframes, User Flow Diagrams
UI Deliverables: Logo Design, Home Screen Icon Design, Contextual Iconography, UI


Findings during research stage

There are 10 people who currently have EV. During the interviews and user surveys it was ougmented that finding a free station is a constant problem. Most of them are coming in the morning. Average commute is between 10m and 55 miles. There is scenario when user lives in two places with different distance from work and there is different pattern of charging. The most desirable features users want to have is letting them know when station gets available for charging.




Low Fidelity



Hi Fidelity









Mood Board








Clickable Prototype